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What The People Say

"I did a synastry reading with Martell. He clarified and put me on to some things that eventually I found out to be true. I appreciated his patience and being educated on how planetary aspects work together. He’s worth it!"

Sasa G, Virgo 

Before I got a reading from Martell, I assumed all astrologers were scam artists using cold reading methods to trick me into believing what they had to say (cynical, I know.) But Martell's reading was so accurate and comprehensive, I was completely blown away, and I remember thinking "he couldn't possibly know that." He has an uncanny ability to put you at ease, and I'd absolutely recommend his services."

Wini A, Cancer

“Prior to meeting with Daddi Longlegz, I’ve had tarot card readings in the past but this was my friend time exploring my chart reading. He was very intuitive, insightful and thoughtful and walked me through each of my questions without judgment. He offered me intel that set me up for success in the future as well as solutions on how to overcome currently obstacles so that I could release old patterns and make space for what’s to come. As someone whose constantly “looking for answers,” he also left me feeling calm that sometimes the unknown is OK. I would highly recommend him and definitely see myself returning.”

Rachael Louise, Sagittarius 

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