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Astro Wholistic Therapy

What is Astro Wholistic Therapy?

Clients in this program will go through deep analysis of mind, body and spirit via astrology, therapy and reiki. In this program we take the best of each modality to create a more nuanced approach wholistic healing. The sequence of the program goes as follows:


  • 3 sessions with Ananzi's Labyrinth’s Astro-Diagnotic System 

  • 2 sessions with Abundance Bruja (initial consultation after Astro-diagnostics and an energetic check up after sessions with MindWell Mindset Coaching 

  • 4 sessions with 20/20 Life Coaching 

  • Final 30 minute Check-in with Ananzi's Labyrinth to share your experience with the program

Astro-Diagnostic System with Ananzi's Labyrinth

This astrological analysis consist of an in-depth look at the clients’ Natal, Progressed and Solar Return charts. The information compiled from these charts will be used as the foundation for mapping out goals, understanding obstacles (both internal and external), breaking through fears, healing traumas, overcoming anxiety and providing a larger context for the complexities within one’s life. Through looking at the planet placements in your of these 3 chart we can unlock the spiritual causes for key events in their life so that they can develop the awareness necessary to evolve into the best version of themselves. This portion of the program includes the following:


  • Natal Chart Reading  - a natal chart is a snap shot of the placement of the planets in our solar at your exact moment of birth. During this reading we will decipher the symbolism behind each planet, their sign and house their located in to get a better understanding of what/who you are astrologically.

  • Solar Return Reading - Each birthday is a renewal, an opportunity take lessons learned from the previous year and apply them to your personal “New Year”. With a Solar Return reading we take a look at the planets in transit on your birthday as a way to decipher what you need to learn about the solar year to come, what to expect and the kind of person you need to be for the year

  • Progressed Chart Reading - Like all living breathing things, who you are astrologically grows and evolves with each passing year. Every planet in your chart eventually progresses into the next sign. In your Progressed Chart we will look at the current location of each planet from your natal chart and what that means for your present spiritual state.

Meet The Team

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-08 at 12.25.38 AM.jpeg

Fashioned after the African folkloric character know as Ananzi the spider, Dr. NanZ (born Martell Akade) is a Brooklyn based astrologer/life coach who focuses on using astrology as a tool for personal development. Martell combines his innate communication skills with his passion and knowledge of Astrology to give others clarity and honest insight into their multi-dimensional identity. 


Ananzi's Labyrinth Astrology helps individuals learn about their unique idiosyncrasies, their inclinations and the motivations behind their actions. Martell's hope is that each reading serves you with new and profound perspective, a roadmap of sorts to realizing your highest potential. Over the past couple of years he has been tailoring his services to help clients in the areas of childhood, dating, work and finding their purpose.

Daddi Longlegz

Ananzis Labyrinth


Natalie Amini is a DC Native that has dedicated the past decade of her life as a healer for her community. Her background in community organizing and her connection to spirituality has taken her from her lowest point to her highest. As a seasoned Reiki practitioner, spiritualist and curandera, she strives to use her knowledge of healing modalities and her spiritual gifts to uplift her clients and provide them with the spiritual guidance and energetic healing to live their most abundant lives.


Ariel Ervin

Therapy with MindWell

Holistic Mindset Coaching 

Ariel Ervin is a highly intuitive empath who has been guided by Spirit to become a licensed therapist and now a transformational mindset life coach. She is a trauma-informed therapist who specializes in areas such as domestic violence, narcissistic abuse, relationship dynamics and substance use disorders just to name a few.


 Ariel’s holistic approach to mindset coaching by includes incorporating metaphysical and spiritual practices such as astrology, personality testing, love language identification, healing affirmations, and Louise Hay’s mental causes for physical illness, to help her clients see themselves from a bird’s eye view.

Natalie Amini

Reiki with Abundance Bruja 

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