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Nature Walks

“Ananzi's Nature Walks” is a guided meditative walk in nature where we have intimate conversations to provide you with the clarity necessary to reach your highest potential using astrology and plant medicine.


Think of our hike as a personal "off the grid"getaway, where you can escape the monotony of your everyday life, tune out the noise of the city and immerse yourself in deepest parts of your mind. The conversations had on these hikes are meant to provide clarity of purpose and one’s mission in this life. 


Just as the Djehutian law of polarity states “As above, so below” the forest we walk in are a macrocosmic reflection of your mind. Each leaf, tree, lake etc reflecting the complex nooks and crannies in our brain. Come join me as we take a walk through your beautiful mind. 


All nature walks include the following:


  • Special Adaptogen Tea Ritual

  • Fruit and Snacks 

  • Microdose capsules (according to weight) 

  • Hike through nature (approximately 2-3 hours)

  • Natal chart reading (as we walk I will extract information from your chart to aid in our conversation about the topics of your choice) 

  • Foraging of plants

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