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In addition to a passion for Astrology, Martell is also a musician and painter. Playing bass guitar for over a decade, he acquired the stage-name Daddi LongLegz - due to his long, slim build. On using the name in his Astrology practice, Martell says,

“the concept is inspired by the anthropomorphic African folklore of Anansi the spider who is known for his mischievous adventures and storytelling abilities. In African cosmology the spider and his web reflect the how everything exist in an interwoven synchronicity including the planet, stars and luminaries in our solar system. As an astrologer it’s my job to interpret the intricate web that is your natal chart and pull out the necessary information to propel you further on you path of spiritual growth.”

With his Gemini in his 12th house Martell follows his deep desire to transcend verbal communication through art. Performing he says, "brings me closer to my higher self, to God." While painting also produces a similar effect, Martell describes it as the "the yin to my music's yang... a contemplative and meditative experience" which cools him down.

Libra Sun with an Aries Moon & Cancer Rising

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Martell Akade has always had an open ear for those in need of emotional support. From childhood his curious mind and love for one-on-one conversation have allowed him to connect intimately with others.


Martell began his spiritual journey at the age of nineteen, when he began to research his Sun sign and exchange information with friends who were also interested in Astrology. One fateful afternoon, during a visit to his uncle's house Martell met a  Babalawo (a priest in the Ifá religion), who explained that people are more than their Sun sign.


He gave Martell and his friends a brief overview on how each planet can reside in a different Zodiac sign, thus attributing for the nuances of a personality. From then Martell cultivated a committed study of Astrology and the practice of reading Natal Charts. With the encouragement of a close friend he began giving readings. This small step opened the doors to the world of Astrology for him. Almost instantly, Martell connected with other Astrologers who were helpful in the progression of his studies.


Today Martell combines his innate communication skills with his passion and knowledge of Astrology to give others clarity and honest insight into their multi-dimensional identity. Ananzi's Labyrinth Astrology helps individuals learn about their unique idiosyncrasies, their inclinations and the motivations behind their actions. Martell's hope is that each reading serves you with new and profound perspective, a roadmap of sorts to realizing your soul's highest potential. 

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